When we truly listen to each other we can explore solutions to issues, and ignite change together by discovering a common ground. 

The world is connected through stories. Written and spoken words, music, dance, and the visual arts. A single photo can create an impactful and memorable story. It takes skill, creativity, seeing something from a new or different perspective, and passion.

I’ve been capturing moments in time since I was a young, six year old girl with a Polaroid. I’ve used everything from a Kodak 110 to Nikon film, and finally switched to digital in 2008. I admit I miss the quiet hours spent processing film in a dark room.

Being a part of the changing landscape is where I am most comfortable. Noticing the elements, and paying attention to the details around me then documenting the adapting wild and natural places. But the energy of an urban setting invigorates all my senses. Wherever I am it’s the connection that inspires me. Whether it’s people, pets, wildlife, livestock, plants and flowers, or food. I’m pulled in by color, texture, soft edges and hard lines. The world truly is a magical place when you take the time to see, connect, and listen.

The transition to interviewing people and creating motion shorts has been a natural transition. Creating stories from a this perspective has taught me so much. Please keep scrolling below to see a few of my short videos or check out my Nell Jordan Vimeo .

In case you are wondering about the Eduardo Kobra street art photo above, it’s one of my favorites, and I did not take it. My son Stone Jordan took it from the High Line in NYC during a July 2012. It captures everything I love about the City, and immediately brings me back to all the stories from our NYC adventures.

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