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New Vistas Media Communications

New Vistas Media Communications works with nonprofits, organizations, and individuals that have a message to share. My name is Nell Jordan and I help you create a message to resonate with your audience. It will be informative and inspire action.

My freelancing projects began while I was in graduate school. I was researching environmental issues in wildlife conservation, global communities, and public lands. Important and interesting issues that need to be addressed, and are backed by science and facts. But the data can be boring, and sometimes difficult to understand. First, data should be understandable to more people. Why? Because it’s important more people are informed. Finally, I know people need to feel inspired to get involved in hard things. But how can this be accomplished?

My Questions?

So, pulled back and asked myself these questions:
1). First, what good is research and data if it’s not accessible or understandable to community members?
2). Next, is there a way to inform people with facts, inspire more people to care, and engage them in solutions?
3). Finally, is there a creative element to articulate concepts and reach more audiences?

The answers are YES! YES! and YES! It turns out there is a way. And it’s something that’s been around for awhile. Storytelling.

New Vistas Media Communications ~ Stories vs. Data and Your Brain

Simply put, stories are more memorable. Listening to stories engages seven areas of the brain, as seen in the first image below. However, data alone only engages two areas of the brain, as seen in the second image. Additionally, we feel stories in the body. Stories create empathy, while data builds trust. As a result, combining data and stories to a message makes it easier for people to make a decision.

Illustration of the brain with seven areas engaged.
Illustration showing two areas of the brain engaged.

New Vistas Media Communications ~ Develop Strategies & Create Content

My goal with New Vistas Media Communications is to work with you to develop the best strategies and create the right content to share your message and to inform, inspire, and the ignite change you need. And it might include the following:

  • Communication plans
  • Videos and visual data
  • Creative content for websites and social media
  • Presentations and community forums
  • Short and long form narratives
  • Trainings, workshops, lectures
  • Coming Soon! StoryMaps

Have questions? Want to start a conversation? Let’s get started on a project. Be in touch.

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