What’s In Store?

It’s been awhile.

Too long actually. I honestly don’t know where the last three months have gone. My weeks and days have been were full, and filled with plenty of growth, expanding, and pushing my edges. Plenty of learning opportunities presented themselves, both personally and professionally. Some were easier to navigate than others, some left me scratching my head, and others required no action at all but stillness. Each situation during the last three months has been a great opportunity to really pay attention and continue building a very strong foundation. This is life, huh? We are in a such a unique, pivotal place right now. Staying true to core values is more important than it ever has been. Do you agree?

For 2019 I am more committed to doing more of what serves a purpose, and brings joy, connections, and learning to my life. Both personally and professionally. That usually entails some pretty grand adventures, high peaks and low valleys, and new vistas along the way. Some of these vistas may be easier on the eyes than others, and will most likely mean I’m learning to ride the waves as they come, but they are all a part of this journey.

So, what does this mean?

I hope to share what that looks like from my little corner of the world right here on this blog. The good, the bad, and the ugly, which basically means talking about the truth. What it means for me is deep listening, paying attention, and discovering more common ground. Additionally, it means to continue acting with integrity, and standing firmly in my ethics and values. Ultimately this looks like I am *hopefully* ever expanding, and learning to navigate life from a curious standpoint, with less judgement of myself. That’s the action. In fact, the hashtag I gave myself for 2019 is #staycurious. It also looks like I am understanding more clearly and when to turn around and just walk away from that which is destructive and doesn’t take into consideration the greater good of all. Basically, people and situations that are unhealthy for my growth. It’s a practice. But like every practice it does get easier.

What do you have in store?

So here we are. February 1st, 2019 already! I’m excited, and curious, what do you have in store for this year? Please share in the comments. I truly want to know what you are working on, what areas of your life are expanding, or you are looking forward to this year. I appreciate you sharing.

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