Woman with faux fur hood and dog resting head on her shoulder. Snow covers the dogs muzzle.

About New Vistas Media Communications

Nell Jordan
Master in Environmental Management

Contact me at nellsnewvistas[at]gmail.com

And you may ask yourself, “Well, how did I get here?”

While I was a graduate student delving deeper into all things “Environmental Management” I realized most of the science and issues we were learning about and researching were often put into context for people like me who were already engaged and interested. Preaching to the choir so to speak. Often the data was presented in peer reviewed studies, or full of jargon, or really heavy reading that most people simply do not have the time to actual read let alone try to understand. Science, peer reviewed research, and data is more important than ever and crucial to making informed decisions but how do you engage people who aren’t aware, interested, or maybe don’t understand because it simply isnt their thing? How could we make these hot topic, time-sensitive issues more accessible to more audiences? So many questions!

Luckily I’m curious by nature and I was really curious about how to make all this science and data more digestible to reach wider audiences to create a greater impact. So, in the eleventh hour of my graduate program I pivoted and learned about the neuroscience of engagement and the power of storytelling to encourage action. An “aha moment” in my life, and actually the perfect place for me to land. I love science and looking at data, and I already knew that telling —AND equally important — listening to stories creates connections.

Do something for me: Take a moment right now and pause. After you read this, close your eyes, relax those tense shoulders, and take a deep breath in. A full belly breath in expanding your chest and shoulders. Hold it for a second, maybe even two. Now exhale very slowly. Sit for a moment and think about a time when you were impacted by listening to a story. Maybe it was during your childhood, or while traveling. Maybe it was a story from someone in a different generation, or simply going about your day-to-day life in the checkout lane at your local grocery store. Perhaps it was during a contentious community meeting where everyone has a different opinion and wants, or needs to be heard. Heck, it could’ve been while watching Ted Lasso, or The Game of Thrones. Meaningful stories are all around us everyday.

It turns out there’s neurobiology involved with storytelling, especially if you want to inform and engage diverse populations with different views, inspire them take action and do something to make a change. In my work (and personal life) I hope to inspire, engage, and ignite change by helping people craft the right story.

Why New Vistas?

New Vistas are beautiful views of an area. New Vistas are also a way to reframe a situation, which is important if you’re trying to bridge a divide, inform, inspire and engage people. Have you ever had the opportunity to climb to the top of a mountain? Or taken a different route to work? What did you notice? How did it feel? Sometimes it a little scary but it amazing! It takes a fresh outlook, and innovative perspective to reframe a situation because often as humans we get stuck in our routines, or think the status quo is OK. Change can be hard. But eventually things will get stale and complacency sets in. Having a new perspective can open everything up and using science and storytelling New Vistas Media Communications can help identify where things are stale and where your current needs and need a new perspective. From this I can develop a strategy and create the right content to inspire, engage, and ignite the change you want (need?) to see.

Content Creation

Understanding the science or issues isn’t easy. Neither is creating the most empowering content to inform and engage your audience. It can be an enormous undertaking and an investment of time, energy and financial resources. New Vistas Media Communications develops a strategy to engage your audience with the content you need to tell the right stories in the most impactful way. The content I develop can be used for your organization’s annual campaign and fundraising, to share important information with your community, and even as a way to bring your organization together.  Whatever your goals are for sharing your story, I can help you inspire your audience by creating engaging content and ignite the changes you need.

It’s my True North.

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