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About New Vistas Media & Contact Info.

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Please reach Nell Jordan at nellsnewvistas[at]gmail.com
I’m looking forward to working with you.

New Vistas Media Communications

Whatever you are trying to accomplish, it’s getting harder and harder to reach an audience. No longer can a company or organization reach 60% of an audience by creating beautiful, highly curated content. Today, the average audience engagement has dropped to 3%. 

Why is this? Many organizations don’t truly understand who their audience is, how they’ve changed over time, or what they want to read or see. It’s important to adapt to your audience and community needs, and know which content to produce that will inspire, engage, and ignite your community.

Why New Vistas? 

New Vistas Media Communications can help. We understand the neuroscience of engagement and the power of storytelling. So, we can help you tell the right story for your audience. New Vistas Media crafts unique content with the goal of inspiring people, engaging communities, and igniting change. 

New Vistas are beautiful views of an area. Additionally, new vistas are a way to reframe a situation. Often it takes someone with a fresh outlook or innovative perspective to provide insight into your community, identify their needs today, and create content proven to inspire, engage, and ignite change. 

Content Creation

Creating the best content for your audience isn’t always easy, and it can be an expensive investment. New Vistas Media Communications will develop a strategy that is affordable for your budget, and will engage your audience. We’ll help you share relevant information through stories in the form of the content you need. It might be written, digital media, interactive marketing, organizational branding, or visual storytelling.

Our content can be used for everything from annual campaigns and fundraising, to sharing scientific information with your community, to surprising family or friends with unique memories such as a wedding story.  We love creating content, and we love sharing stories.

About Nell

Nell utilizes her strengths of creativity and curious nature, and combines her deep listening and research skills to cultivate compelling stories. She engages people through her passion for humanity, the environment, communications, and multimedia by joining in conversation across diverse communities and topics. Nell understands it takes courage to share authentic stories in order to inspire change. Therefore, she appreciates and respects everyone who chooses to work with her, and understands how to adapt to the ever changing digital landscape.

Nell completed a B.A. in Sustainability and Environmental Studies at Prescott College where she focused in Communications. However, she knew there was much more to discover. Next, she obtained her Masters in Environmental Management (MEM) in Communications from Western Colorado University in Gunnison, Colorado. Her work involved Integrative & Public Lands Management, and Sustainable & Resilient Communities. 

Nell’s goal is to inspire and engage communities to ignite change.  

Additional Accomplishments  

Certificates: Digital Marketing from Boulder Digital Arts; Natural Sounds Recording from Cornell Lab of Ornithology; Raven Sound Analysis from the Bioacoustics Research Lab/Cornell Lab of Ornithology. And many, many others!


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