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We can explore solutions to issues, & ignite change when we discover common grounds. 


Nell’s true north is discovering connections along the way, learning something new everyday, and making meaningful creative content. Her curious nature, listening & research skills, and gift of discovery means she loves the “aha moments” in life.

She received her B.A. in Sustainability & Environmental Studies from Prescott College in Prescott, Arizona. She focused on communications, writing, education, and environmental compliance.  This was just the tip of the iceberg. She knew there more she needed to learn about. And off she went. She completed her Master in Environmental Management degree at Western State Colorado University (WSCU) in Gunnison, Colorado. During the program at WSCU she continued to cultivate her passion for the environment, communications, and multimedia arts across both the Public Lands Management, & Sustainable and Resilient Communities tracks. She was in her element learning about private and public lands, global issues, and the resilient communities that make this world go around.

She’s always reading for a conversation. And knows from years of engaging with diverse people, it’s when we listen we can discover common grounds. Then the necessary conversations can take place that will bring awareness or address issues. Through compelling storytelling we can share what needs to be to be told. No more than ever there’s a growing need to collaborate and bring more awareness to diverse vistas, current global issues and possible solutions.


Nell works around the globe. She can be reached at nellsnewvistas[at]gmail.com

Why New Vistas??

New Vistas are large and beautiful views of an area and a number of possibilities and ways to move forward in a different direction, or reframe a situation in the future.  Nell believes finding commonality and connecting through stories is one way to discover common ground, address issues, create collaborations, provide hope, and make necessary changes to improve the future.

Stories build bridges across divides, cultures, and generations. Sharing stories can heal relationships, provide knowledge, bring awareness, and engage or inspire communities to be a part of necessary changes.  Storytelling is a powerful way for your unique message to be heard. Sharing a story can be a meaningful and personal experience, or fun and engaging. Brené Brown said it best: Stories are data with soul.

New Vistas Media Communications knows each client is unique, and so is their story. We create stories for digital and interactive marketing, organization branding, fundraising, or tracking really important projects that you want to share with the world. We also tell fun stories and create digital memoirs for families, friends or communities.


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