Colorado Wildfires Summer 2018

I’m one person. In one small region of the southwest. With many stories to share. I was happily working on my computer while sitting outside on my deck and anticipating the start of the long weekend. Suddenly I was overcome by the intense smell of smoke nearby. Having studied wildfire science and worked in wildfire… Read More

Pesto: It Must Be Summer!

What Does Summer Taste Like? You just might get a different answer from every person you ask. Watermelon, cotton candy, Italian ice, homemade vanilla ice-cream from the local dairy, lemonade. Those are some sweeter tasing foods that get some summer tastebuds going. If you’re from Buffalo, New York your answer might be Beef on Weck with a… Read More

The Science of Well-Being

Have you heard of, or taken a course at Coursera?  I’m in the process of taking my second course with them. It’s called The Science of Well-Being and is taught by a Professor at Yale University. I know, I know. More classes! I just completed the equivalent of several marathons to obtain my Masters of Environmental Management (MEM)… Read More

Variations on a Theme: Headshots

I was thrilled when my friend Michelle Auerbach, author, speaker, and storytelling consultant, recently asked me to take some headshots for her upcoming book. It was a busy time for both of us. It was the December holidays, I was traveling and working on several projects, and more importantly I was in town to celebrate Michelle… Read More

Sparkle: Daily Prompt

The sparkling green lights  Shine so brightly in the snow Holidays bring magic ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I was teaching I loved to incorporate Haiku into my lessons. Doing this allowed me to see each students’ individuality and creativity. I’ve also enjoyed being in the backcountry with a group of people and everyday we select a relevant… Read More

Transformation: Weekly Photo Challenge

Transformations take place all around us, everyday. Is it easier for you to notice transformations in yourself, your environment, or your community? I see many transformations taking place in this photo: Fall to winter. Dark to light. R-O-Y-G-B-I-V. Dry to moist. Flat-rolling plains to Front Range fans. Stillness to movement. What transformations do you see?… Read More

Daily Prompt: Nest

  The first thing she does every morning once she’s out of bed is fill the kettle to start the coffee. Even before she lets the dogs out into the backyard. The dogs are accustomed to her morning routine by now. Admittedly she’s a coffee addict. It’s not the caffeine she desires or needs, it’s the taste.… Read More