Variations on a Theme: Headshots

I was thrilled when my friend Michelle Auerbach, author, speaker, and storytelling consultant, recently asked me to take some headshots for her upcoming book. It was a busy time for both of us. It was the December holidays, I was traveling and working on several projects, and more importantly I was in town to celebrate Michelle… Read More

Weathered: Weekly Photo Challenge

The western United States is growing exponentially. Expanding communities, new buildings popping up, public transportation reaching further and faster from urban settings into the sprawl of suburbia life. Change is inevitable, and often seen as progress. Change can mean a way for conveniences and necessities to be accessed closer to populations of people, and in… Read More

2017 Favorites: Weekly Photo Challenge

I’d like start my first post of the 2018 New Year by saying Thank You!! to all the people out in the blog-o-sphere who are following me, and who found my  Ascend Weekly Photo Challenge  post. I’m not quite sure what happened, but somehow while I was busy with holidays, wedding celebrations, family & friends,… Read More

Ascend: Weekly Photo Challenge

This week’s photo challenge is about upward movement. The air was incredibly clear and crisp, and the sun was just beginning to peek over the ridge the morning I left for the Animas Valley Hot Air Ballon Rally. By the time I drove west to the Animas Valley, the sky was brilliant blue, and made… Read More

Cheeky: Weekly Photo Challenge

It was just after breakfast when our group piled into the microbus to drive to our final destination on the Caribbean Coast of Costa Rica. I really had no idea what to expect from the journey ahead. Except that it would be long. And could quickly become even longer if the road was washed out… Read More

Serene: Weekly Photo Challenge

In an effort to prepare for the already bustling and busy holiday season, and bring to close what has been, for too many people, a very hectic year, this weeks Photo Challenge encourages us to take a deep breath and slow down. Then share a visual moment of blissful quiet. I have no shortage of serene images… Read More