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Brene Brown said it best: “Maybe stories are just data with soul.”

Crafting and sharing the right story in a compelling and authentic way is important to any business or organization because stories create connection. Time is increasingly valuable, priorities are changing, and the way we connect is changing, too. Marketing is no longer about the stuff you sell. It’s about the stories you tell—reflecting a mission, brand, purpose, or service—so a focus audiences will be inspired and purposefully engage with you.

Through sharing and listening a common ground can be discovered and bridge divides. New Vistas Media Communications uses proven neuroscience to craft creative storified content. The process is uniquely customized and involves incorporating real people (not actors), audio (interviews and music), visuals (photography, data images, and video). More than ever creative content and digital media is being used to reach more people for many reasons—marketing & branding, engaging audiences, informing communities about relevant issues, or capturing and sharing meaningful moments.



The shortest distance between two people is a story. Storytelling is a powerful tool used to evoke strong emotions and responses. Through stories we discover common grounds, and then together we can explore solutions to issues. Through the power of story attitudes and behaviors change. Inspiration and hope is ignited. Stories allow us to bridge divides by collaborating across cultures, geographic boundaries, generations, agencies, and organizations.



One single photo can capture a moment in time, and create a lasting impact. I love the composition of this photo taken by Stone Jordan in 2012. More importantly, this photo takes me right back to that moment we were walking on the High Line, and my senses come alive. We were eating, walking, and discovering our way through a NYC summertime adventure. I can feel the summer humidity, hear the bustling city, and smell all the delicious food carts. A flood of memories unfold into the story of this summer trip and I see this picture through a completely new lens.


It’s no secret videos and films are the most viewed and powerful content on social media today. We’re moving faster than we ever have before. We want information delivered quickly, in a format that grabs our attention within seconds. Creating a motion-short for your business, organization, community, or even a really important event like a wedding, is a purposeful and fun way and perfect for marketing, fundraising events, or inspiring community engagement.

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Have you ever thought about what your Epic Dream Job would be? If you had the unique opportunity to drop your life and head to 18 different ski destinations in 7 countries would you? Did I mention you would be compensated $10,0000 and sponsors would include, United Airlines, GoPro, Oakley, Helly Hansen, Rossignol and… Read More

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Did you see the New York Times headline Original Big Bird, Caroll Spinney, Leaves ‘Sesame Street’ After Nearly 50 years. What were your thoughts? Initially I was sad, which is unusual because I’m usually dancing around and giving high fives when someone retires. I think of retirement as the time when you finally get to… Read More

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Just about one year ago I went to my first balloon festival. It was the Animas Valley Balloon Rally in Durango, Colorado. This is where I met Deborah Rice, the pilot of Foxtrot. What an inspiration she is! Her chase crew saw how enthused I was about the adventure and they let me join them.… Read More

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I’m one person. In one small region of the southwest. With many stories to share. I was happily working on my computer while sitting outside on my deck and anticipating the start of the long weekend. Suddenly I was overcome by the intense smell of smoke nearby. Having studied wildfire science and worked in wildfire… Read More

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What Does Summer Taste Like? You just might get a different answer from every person you ask. Watermelon, cotton candy, Italian ice, homemade vanilla ice-cream from the local dairy, lemonade. Those are some sweeter tasing foods that get some summer tastebuds going. If you’re from Buffalo, New York your answer might be Beef on Weck with a… Read More

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Have you heard of, or taken a course at Coursera?  I’m in the process of taking my second course with them. It’s called The Science of Well-Being and is taught by a Professor at Yale University. I know, I know. More classes! I just completed the equivalent of several marathons to obtain my Masters of Environmental Management (MEM)… Read More

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Working With New Vistas Media Communications

Trail-cam image provided by BAPP

“Nell produced a video that was able to tell an incredibly compelling story about my master’s project. She was extremely flexible and receptive to ideas, and was most concerned with telling the story that I wanted to see told. The end result was a product that was second to none in terms of production value and quality, and perfectly matched what I had envisioned.”

Joe Acampora, Bay Area Puma Project
San Francisco, California


“Nell was a blast to work with! I felt extremely taken care of throughout the entire process. Nell is a great communicator both in-person and via e-mail. I felt like I could talk to her about anything and wasn’t afraid to share my ideas and vision for the video. It was -10 degrees when she filmed my interview, which was amazing and FREEZING. Nell is a trooper! I was thrilled with the additional footage of the Gunnison Valley that Nell included to make the video engaging and relevant. The final product is perfect. I was hoping it would be inspiring and a good representation of Mountain Manners, and it is! Don’t just take my word for it, my fiance was tearing up before the credits even started rolling. Choosing to work with Nell this semester has been one of my best graduate school decisions!” 

Gillian Rossi, Mountain Manners
Crested Butte, Colorado
Trail cam image provided by Julia Nave

“Nell did a beautiful job of sharing the broad purpose and goals of my research project through storytelling, while accurately representing the small details and nuances of my work.  She took the time to understand my project and her knowledge made communications with her clear and easy.  The resulting film is a product of her hard-work, passion, and her ability to work collaboratively with her subjects.  It will be a useful tool for me to communicate my project visually and concisely as I develop my career.”

Julia Nave, Conservation researcher
Bozeman, Montana


“Nell was great to work with! She is completely professional yet made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. She was able to transform my story from a conversation to a polished product that I am proud to showcase. Nell was also willing to film in -30 degree temperatures, which isn’t fun for anyone, let alone someone working a camera, having to take on and off her gloves. I highly recommend Nell and New Vistas Media Communications.”

MJ Pickett, farmer & educator
Calder Farms & Mountain Roots
Gunnison, Colorado

Photo credit Brandon McNamara

“After spending so much time and giving so much energy to my project work in India, it was wonderful to get to see this experience put into a video. Because of the distance, Nell and I were not able to interview in person, but she was still able to create a great product. The use of pictures and videos of my experience in India came together beautifully with the story of my project work. Thank you Nell for all your time and energy in putting this together!”

Brandon McNamara,
Nature, Culture & Resiliency Living
Pithoragarh & Majkhali, India

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