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Nell Jordan, MEM
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Helping You Tell Impactful Stories

New Vistas Media Communications uses the neuroscience of storytelling to inform, inspire, and ignite change. I collaborate with clients and partners to develop individualized communication strategies and content to engage people, and might include:

  • Annual communication plans
  • Visual data stories
  • Creative content for websites and social media
  • Presentations and forums
  • Short and long form narratives
  • Trainings, workshops, lectures
  • StoryMaps

About Nell

Hello, I’m Nell Jordan! I’ve loved science, stories, and photography my entire life and in 2016 while pursuing a Master’s in Environmental Management (MEM) at Western Colorado University I had an ah-ha moment. When I realized communicating science and research wasn’t very inspiring, I wanted my project to change that. My goal was to find impactful ways to connect diverse audiences and convey important information that resulted in people taking actionable steps towards solutions. It turns out sharing stories does exactly that.

The neuroscience of storytelling can be used in any form of communication. So, I will help you craft informative and inspiring messages, sharing the right stories and content to engage your audience.

Why New Vistas?

New Vistas are beautiful views of an area. New Vistas are also a way to reframe a situation. It takes a fresh outlook, and innovative perspective to reframe a situation. Change can be hard. But seeing a new perspective can be like a fresh of breath air. I’ll help you identify where things are stale and can help you see a new perspective and strategy to create the communication you need.

Content Creation and Communications

Understanding the science isn’t always easy. Neither is creating the most empowering content to inform and engage your audience. It’s a process, an investment of time, energy, and money. I can take the overwhelm off your plate and develop communications for annual campaigns and fundraising, sharing important information, and even creative ways to bring your teams together. 

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