New Vistas Media Communications is a creative communications boutique crafting storified content to inspire, engage, & purposefully ignite change.

Your compelling story should be authentic and as unique as you, your community, or your organization and crafted to be distributed in as many ways as you need. Everyone’s time is increasingly valuable, how we connect and our priorities are changing. And marketing is changing, too. It’s not about the stuff you sell. It’s about the stories you tell.  It’s about creativity and sharing the right story about your brand, mission, purpose or services in a way the real world and your focus audience will be inspired, and choose to purposefully engage with you.

Authentic storytelling takes great listening skills and ethics. New Vistas Media Communications crafts creative storified content using real people, audio and music, photography and video. Today, creative content and digital media is used for a wide range of reasons from marketing & branding, to engaging your focus audience, or informing the broader community about relevant issues.

New Vistas Media changes things up and stays current with what’s trending in digital media. We’re excited to be adding podcasting stories to our digital services! Contact us to learn more.



The shortest distance between two people is a story. Storytelling is a powerful tool used to evoke strong emotions and responses. Through stories we discover common grounds, and then together we can explore real solutions to issues, & ignite purposeful change. Through story attitudes and behaviors change. Inspiration and hope is ignited. Stories allow us to bridge divides by collaborating across cultures, geographic boundaries, generations, agencies, and organizations.



One single photo can capture a moment in time, and create a lasting impact. The photo above was taken by Stone Jordan in 2012. We were eating, walking, and discovering our way through a summer NYC adventure. For me, this photo takes me right back to that moment, my senses come alive, and then a flood of memories from the trip unfold. We had a blast! A series of sequential photos taken just moments, or years apart tells a unique & memorable story.  It’s more than just the technical aspects of photography that allow the magic of story to visually be created. It takes vision, creativity, and literally seeing something from a different view, or through a completely new lens.


It’s no secret videos and films are the most viewed and powerful content on social media today. We’re moving faster than we ever have before. We want information delivered quickly, and it needs to grab our attention. Otherwise, viewers just keep scrolling. Creating a motion-short for your business, organization, community or even a really important event like a wedding, is a purposeful and fun way to visually share a meaningful story. They’re innovative  and perfect for marketing, fundraising events, or inspiring community engagement.