Animas Valley Balloon Rally Adventure!

Just about one year ago I went to my first balloon festival. It was the Animas Valley Balloon Rally in Durango, Colorado. This is where I met Deborah Rice, the pilot of Foxtrot. What an inspiration she is! Her chase crew saw how enthused I was about the adventure and they let me join them.… Read More

Colorado Wildfires Summer 2018

I’m one person. In one small region of the southwest. With many stories to share. I was happily working on my computer while sitting outside on my deck and anticipating the start of the long weekend. Suddenly I was overcome by the intense smell of smoke nearby. Having studied wildfire science and worked in wildfire… Read More

Temporary: Weekly Photo Challenge

  Well, that sure was fun! Those were my thoughts as I walked down the trail back to my car on a warm, sunny September afternoon in Durango, Colorado.  I had decided to hike up to a switchback during Todd’s Dirt Fondo and take photos of the riders. My son and a few of his friends were… Read More